What Does Work Environment Mean?


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Work environment means the milieus around a person. It is your social and professional environment in which you are supposed to interact with a number of people. All of them are to be there with you. They are working there. They are supposed to co-ordinate with you in one way or he other. They may be working under you or you may be working under them. It depends upon your position at status at a work place.
It is not important that an office would always be called your work place. It can be your home environment where you use to work for all the time where you are supposed to interact with your family members by and by. This environment is all about the people at your home and those who have any concern at your home.
Work environment does not only counts the living world tings but also the materialistic world stuff. It may count the room or home where you are working. It may counts the things that you are using in one way or the other. It is all about things and livings that are around you where you are working. Hope it is clear now.

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