What Is The Difference Between Flattery And Appreciation?


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Flattery is generally identified with false praise .In fact, flattery is that art of praising which aims at magnifying the virtues to the exclusion of the vices but the person flattered must have some qualities which can be praised. Both flattery and appreciation relate to the praising of virtues of others. Both originate from the same motive of pleasing others' self-respect. Flattery is however, largely vitiated by the tinge of falsehood and mostly aimed at the achievement of some selfish motive.

Appreciation is based on truth and is without any selfish motive .In practical life, flattery and appreciation do overlap each other. It is therefore impossible to assess and measure accurately the amount of praise deserved by a person .An opinion starting as appreciation may easily drift into flattery .In human life and the society, flattery is quite essential.
We all have our own sense of excellence. Somebody has fine curly hair. Some person possesses good command over English.

Some rich man may have good collection of books. Somebody thinks that he possesses acute intelligence. In short; every person feels pride over some distinctive possession. In this way, we have to praise each other, appreciate each other's taste and admire each other possession. But we do so for the sake of appreciation, which means an unprejudiced opinion, reflecting both virtues and vices.
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Flattery is something aimed to get done for him where as the praise is really a thing that want to appreciate you whole heartedly.
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It is easy to flatter ; it is hard to praise

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