What Are The Components Of A Proposal?


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Proposal letters

Some thoughts about proposals
A proposal letter can mean a business proposal, a marriage proposal or a formal suggestion in any setting. Usually, it refers to either a business proposal letter refers to an offering of business services or products that may be lucrative to recipient while a marriage proposal may be written by those who are lost for words when facing the other party.
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There are certain components of a proposal which one should know of before writing and these components will build up a perfect proposal

A proposal starts off with a cover page, with the proposal title, the company that is proposing and the company to whom the proposal is being sent to. Make sure the proposal title is eye catching and attractive and not mundane. Spellings of the company to whom the proposal is being sent to should be accurate or else it will create a bad impression.

The next thing will be the executive summary describing briefly about the proposal and the company offering the tender. It should not be that long and should be to the point. Then comes the proposal it self, the purpose for sending out the proposal with a few details and reasoning. This will also include how the project will be implemented, evaluated and how the company to whom the tender is being offered will benefit from this project.

The budget or the cost is the most important aspect of any proposal so it should be designed carefully with all figures and facts. This will be the page the company will focus on the most and can take their decision based on this. After this the company offering the tender should give their company's profile, achievements and records so that the other company can get a clear idea. Also mention how you will be different from other competitors.

In the end a conclusion should be provided which will summarize the whole proposal and clearly state how the company will profit from this project.
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