What Does The Name Olga Mean?


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Olga means holy and peace
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I think it means a very caring girl that is very nice that can be friends with anybody:)
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The name Olga is a name for a female that is used in the Russian, Scandinavian, Hungarian, Romanian and Slovene languages. It is basically the Russian version of the name Helga which is mainly a German name that is a feminine version of the masculine name Helge. The name Helge is basically derived from the Old Norse word 'heilagr' which means holy or blessed.

A notable namesake is Olga Mendez, the first Puerto Rican woman to be elected to a state legislative assembly in the United States of America. She was born in the year 1926 in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico. She got married into a well known political family in East Harlem and that is how she became involved in politics. In the year 1972, she was elected as a delegate at the Democratic National Convention.
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In Yiddish, it comes with special relevance: Doesn't אולגה הגיוני. נכון. אבל לא רק אולגה, כל העיר נשר, ישראל היא מושג ומוזרה.

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