What Is Hypochondriac Syndrome?


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Hypochondria is the depression of the mind the mind or in spirit, often centered on imaginary physical ailments. In other words, it means that people imagine that they have one form of sickness or the other. They repeatedly go to the doctor not just thinking, but believing that they have some fatal disease that is going to kill them.

Many people have been known to go to the doctor every day, with thoughts that something is wrong. After a while, the doctor catches onto what the patient is thinking, and will tell them that hypochondria, is what they have. Most of the time, they will not believe the doctor, and then from there on the doctor will prescribe a placebo for the patient. (a sugar pill) This is usually reserved for patients with this condition.

Even from there, the doctor may encourage them go get further help, and seek counseling as well to assist the patient in understanding what the condition is. Hope this help
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A syndrome in which the person is overly concerned with the details of their bodily functioning and exaggerate any symptoms no matter how insignificant. (2)a person who thinks they are constantly ill. The smallest cough and they rush to the doctor thinking they have pneumonia or something worse.
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Hypochondriac is ones imaginary aliment,that they have a certain disease,but infact they don't

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