What Are The Kinds Of Values?


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Generally speaking, values can be divided into three different groups: Material values; personal values; and spiritual values, though there are some people who believe that the latter two are either the same thing, or that they overlap in many areas.

• Material values
Material values are those that can relate to people's everyday lives and what they consider to be necessary. Naturally, material values will differ from person to person depending upon their outlook on life and what they feel is crucial for their well being. For example, some people would be devastated to lose their cars, TVs, phones and other technological paraphernalia, while others find these things unnecessary and so do not value them in the slightest.

• Personal values
These are the standards that each person feels that it is vital to live by. Some people think that good manners and concern for other people are important, while others are not concerned by these social conventions. Depending upon individual point of view, some people may value honesty as far as not stealing goes, but believe that lying is acceptable even though this is dishonest, too.

• Spiritual values
Spiritual values are those that are dictated by belief and faith, and can very often be seen to originate in the tenets of some form of organized religion. The reason why many believe that spiritual and personal values overlap is because religions, regardless of what they are, teach people to value other people and to conform to a strict social code.

For example, the Christian belief of the integrity of the Ten Commandments. These outline a set of rigid codes of behavior that it is considered, not just wrong to break, but a sin, and as such are values by which Christians are supposed to live by.
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Spiritual social cultural moral, value of life, education, love, truthness, goodness, beauty. One will not appear without the other.

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