How Many Kinds Of Courage Are There? Are Both Moral And Physical Courage Needed For Success?


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Often people speak of two kinds of courage, which is physical and moral courage. Physical courage means readiness to face dangers, to fight against difficulties and to have made a brave struggle.Moral courage is of a higher quality than physical courage. It means courage to speak the truth and to do the right thing without caring about the results. It also means readiness to accept one's fault or mistakes. We make use of strength of character while showing moral courage.

Any person who wants to succeed well in life should have physical as well as moral courage. He should be ready to face dangers and difficulties physically. Moreover, he should be ready to express his ideas and beliefs openly. A truly courageous person succeeds in life eventually. If he does not succeed in achieving his aims for sometime, he does not loose heart, and goes on trying to achieve them.

Any person who wants to do anything new needs courage. A scientists need courage to make an invention. He goes on making efforts for a long time to invent or discover something new. He fails in his efforts a number of times. Yet he does not get disappointed. He continuous trying in a courageous way till he really succeeds.We should have the courage to speak and do what is right and just. We should also have the courage to tell others when they are in the wrong.
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There is only one kind of courage. It is the virtue that is manifested when one perseveres in pursuing a morally worthy end in the face of potential harm to oneself. It doesn't matter whether the potential harm is "physical" or some other kind. Popular talk of "moral courage" and "physical courage" is based on a variety of mistakes and confusions and should be discouraged.
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There are three different kinds of courage. One in soul, heart and body. Maybe they should not all be referred to as courage, but have their own names and be distinguished.
Courage of the soul, to know in what your home lies and not being ashamed of it.
Courage of the heart, the courage that reaches out to others. The determination to help someone even if it could hurt your status.
Courage of the body, knowing when you are afraid and not shutting down.

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