How Would You Define Courage And Its Different Kinds?


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Courage is the capacity to work with unwavering strength of mind in all situations .Its antithesis is cowardice. Quick decisions, prompt action and undaunted perseverance are the main traits of courage .The symptoms of cowardice are hesitation, nervousness and flight at the very approach of any difficult situation.

There are two kinds of courage: physical courage and moral courage. Physical courage means readiness to face dangers and to fight against difficulties. Moral courage is of a higher quality than physical. It means courage to speak the truth and do the right things without caring for the results. It enables a person to accept his faults, weakness and shortcomings or mistakes. Physical courage calls for the strength of body while moral courage lies in the strength of soul. Courage displayed by the miner, the soldier or the explorer is physical courage.

Hazrat Mohammed and Christ are the supreme examples of moral courage. If we want to succeed in well in our life, we should possess both physical and moral courage. We should be prepared to face dangers and difficulties physically and also morally. We should always ready to support truth and justice. If we are in the wrong, we should be ready to condemn our-self. A really courageously man succeed in life, sooner or later .If he dose not succeed in achieving his aim for some time, he does not lose his heart .He goes on trying to achieve them.
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