What Is The Translation Of Japanese Alphabet To English Alphabet?


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A b c d e f g h I j k l m n o p q r s t you v w z y z
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It doesn't work that way - Japanese or Chinese pictographs do not translate to a single letter, but to a word or part of a word. That's why the keyboard of a Chinese typewriter is *huge*.
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2 of the 3 alphabets can be found here madmacstew said you can't translate single letters the parts you can are
a I you e o
ka ki ku ke ko
ga gi gu ge go
sa shi su se so
za ji zu ze zo
ta chi tsu te to
da di du de do
na ni nu ne no
ha hi fu he ho
ba bi bu be bo
pa pi pu pe po
ma mi mu me mo
you   yu   yo
wa     n   wo
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