My Rdw Is 15.2. What Does That Mean?


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RDW is an abbreviation and stands for Red Blood Cell Distribution Width. RDW calculates the different sizes of red blood cell volume in a sample of blood, and is usually carried out as part of a complete blood count (CBC).

• Normal range of reference for a RDW
A normal RDW value is between 11 and 14%; anything above this is indicative of a disorder being present that needs to be investigated because people with a higher than normal reference range may suffer from more health risks that those who have a lower range.

• RDW of more than 15
Having a RDW of more than 15 could be indicative of a number of things, such as the presence of a vitamin B12, iron or folic acid deficiency. It could also indicate haemolytic anemia, or even alcohol abuse.

• Anemia
If anemia is the cause of a higher than normal reference range, then the RDW test results will often be used in conjunction with mean corpuscular volume (MCV) results to see whether there is a singular cause of the anemia, or mixed causes. Many people treat anemia lightly and so not take it as seriously as they should, but the repercussions of untreated anemia can have serious health implications.

• Blood work
Blood work is carried out as a diagnostic tool and so cannot be used as the only way of determining any condition or prognosis of a condition. If abnormal results are found during any blood testing, further tests need to be carried out to determine the cause of the results. It is necessary, therefore, that you see your doctor so that a proper assessment of any condition that you may have can be made.

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