Can You Define Modem, DCE, DTE And DLC?


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Modem can be defined as a machine for internally converting digital and analogue signals, which allows you to connect the computer to an existing telephone line. A dialup modem will help you to connect to the internet by making use of a telephone line.

DCE is Distributed Computing Environment provide services which can be used for time service, threads service, for making RPC which is also known as remote procedure calls, directory service , file system distribution and security service.

DTE (Data Terminal Equipment) is a machine which can be used to regulate the flow of data from one computer to the other. It is mostly used for serial communications. DTE is a computer and DCE is a modem. DCE communicates with DTE.

DLC is Data Link Control. Every NIC card (network interface card) has an identifier for DLC address which can easily locate a node which is on the network. These addresses are used by Ethernet and Token-Ring. All the addresses of the network are ultimately changed into DLC addresses. This change is usually done with Address Resolution Protocol.

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