What Is A Semi-detached House?


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A semi-detached house is one which joins to another house on one side but not on the other, this is the most common house style in the UK. Usually the two houses are the mirror image of one another in terms of room layout. The exception of this are houses on the end of a row, in which case this is known as an end terrace rather than a semi detached.

A house which doesn't attach to another house on any side is known as detached. These such houses are usually worth more than a semi detached due to the fact you have no connecting walls with neighbours, therefore less problem with noise. Detached houses are also often more individual and have more scope for extending.

Terraced houses are those joined on both sides to other property. These are usually more affordable than detached homes and semi-detached homes, and tend to all be built in the same very similar style. 

Another type of house is the bungalow. These are one level houses, which were first built specifically for the elderly or those with mobility issues due to the fact that they have no stairs. In recent years however, they have increased in popularity with other buyers due to the fact they are often detached but cheaper than regular detached houses. In addition to this people tend to like the fact that they are quirky, easy to clean and are safer/more convenient for those with children.

There are also flats, which even in themselves can vary massively in size, style and cost. Flats can range from a two-storey house divided into two to multi storey, luxury apartment style flats which can cost in excessive of £1 million.
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Semi-detached houses share one wall between them, so they are built in pairs. This is a half-way solution between a house that is detached, when they are on their own, or terraced, that is, built in a row. They are known as 'duplex' houses in the Americas.

Semi-detached houses became popular in the United Kingdom during the suburban expansions of the first half of the 20th century as they made it faster and cheaper to build two houses that gave a larger degree of privacy than terraced housing. There are two distinct types, one where the shared wall is between the receptions rooms and bedrooms of the two houses, or where the front doors of both houses are in the middle and the halls, stairs and landing are against the shared wall. The first type is easier to heat but noise is more likely to transfer between the houses.

Semi-detached homes fell out of favour in the United Kingdom during the housing boom of the late 1990's as they have a perceived lower value than detached houses. Developers instead built detached homes very close to each other to increase the potential profit from the land. One reason for this is the growing use of timber-framed houses where it is much more difficult to build a wall which will not transfer too much sound between the properties.
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It's a house that is joined to another.
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It's a mirror-image pair of houses sharing a common wall, known in America as a duplex.
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The term semi-detached could be written as semidetached. It is composed of two words- semi and detached. Semi is the Latin word and is generally used as prefix. It means 'half' or 'partially', incompletely or somewhat. The second word detached means separated or disconnected. Thus, semi-detached is used to describe something that is partially or partly detached from something. For example: he fixed a semi-detached plug. It describes that the plug was partly detached or not properly fixed into the electric socket.

Detached also means separate from others. In this sense, semi-detached is used to describe something that is attached to something else on one side only. For example: the house had a semi-detached garage. Here, semi-detached conveys that the garage was attached to the house on one of its sides.
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Semi-detached houses are quite common in most countries because of the ease of construction. But I think a number of people would prefer their individuality instead of owning a mirror image of the neighbour's place these days. Anyway, at the end of the day it's the items inside in storage that really matters.

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Semi-detached homes are essentially homes that are connected to another home unit only on one side. There are some pretty interesting architectural solutions for semi-detached houses, including splitting a typical house building right down the half to yield 2 separate homes.

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