What To Do To Change Names On Deeds?


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Changing names on deeds is done generally after marriage and as such one needs to have a certified marriage license copy. A change of name whether on deeds or in general can be done by requesting a letter of confirmation from a responsible person like a solicitor, minister or MP; another way of doing so would be by way of public announcement in the newspaper or by making a statutory declaration.

The best way to change your name would be by way of a deed poll, which is a formal statement stating that your name has been changed and which would help in all further legal or official matters where your name is to be confirmed like for example on a deed regarding ownership of land. After changing your name you could use the deed poll document to change your name on any deed like for example if one wants to change his name on a deed regarding ownership of land one could produce the change of name document at the land registry department and get one's name on the deed officially changed.
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Hello! There are several ways to change your name, by using:

  • Statutory declaration
  • Solicitor
  • or Deed Poll
If you want to go for the cheapest and most convenient option, I would recommend using a Deed Poll website- apply online, have it witnessed, send it to the relevant organisations, DONE! The deed poll itself won't cost you much - approximately £20-£25. However, changing the name on on your passport afterwards it will be something like £70-£80 (check HM Passport Office for further details).

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You can transfer interest in property by using a quitclaim deed. You can get your state's compliant quitclaim deed at [ ].

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