What Does SMN Mean/Stand For In Texting And MSN?


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There are hundreds of acronyms and abbreviations used to shorten speech and speed up typing times when sending text based messages, either by SMS or an IM (instant messaging) service such as AIM or MSN. SMN is not a very well known one, and is believed by most to mean 'scratch my neck'. This could be taken as a sign of confusion, as many of us scratch the backs of our necks when trying to figure out a solution to a problem we have been presented with!

In case your question was typed incorrectly, SNM is a more well known piece of IM language or 'text speak'. It can either mean 'say no more', indicating that you have said enough and the person you are conversing with understands the point you are trying to make, or is agreeing to help you with a favor you have asked of them, or 'sadism and masochism' - a type of somewhat deviant sexual behavior enjoyed by millions of people the world over.

Since the introduction of instant messaging to the general population some 10 years ago, the amount of words used to communicate in 'IM' has grown rapidly, and is still going. Some older examples that are still used regularly are:
  • lol - meaning 'laugh out loud',
  • g2g meaning 'got to go'.
  • rofl - meaning 'rolling on the floor laughing'
  • lmao - which means 'laughing my ass off'
More recent ones including things like:
  • cba - which means 'can't be assed' as in cannot be bothered [to complete said task]
  • brb - which means 'be right back'

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