What Is Indiscipline?


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Indiscipline basically means a lack of discipline or someone who is disobedient. The term was also used for a song by King Crimson in 1981.

Indiscipline is just another way to say that a person, dog or other animal lacks discipline.

  • What discipline means
Since the word uses a root word of discipline, you may also want to know what that term means. Discipline means that training has been provided in order for the person or animal to act in accordance to rules such as in military.

It can also be an activity, regimen or exercise that has developed in order to improve one's skills or training. Discipline is known as a punishment provided for a correction in training or behavior when one is lacking in that area.

For example, a child that did not follow a parent's command to stop could be disciplined in order to help the child learn that when the command stop is given they need to obey. If the child is lacking in discipline then they are not listening to the command.

  • King Crimson song
If this question was referring to the song by King Crimson you may wish to know more information about it. The song was released in 1981 by Warner Brothers. The writer of the song was Adrian Belew. He composed it along with Bill Bruford, Robert Fripp and Tony Levin. King Crimson and Rhett Davies produced the song and album.

The song has been a favorite for many years and is often played live. It is usually heard on the Beat Tour. It is driven by drums and guitars. The meaning behind the song dealt with Belew's wife at the time and is a letter about a sculpture she created. Belew used the song to talk about it.

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