What Are The Causes Of Indiscipline?


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Indiscipline relates to the lack of control in the behaviour of a group. Alternatively, it is the inability to live in accordance to the set rules and regulations that have been set in society. This concept of indiscipline can be analysed for the perspective of indiscipline in schools. There can be numerous causes for indiscipline, for instance the influences of different peer groups who might be promoting the ‘wrong’ type of social ethics which are determined on age, for instance, underage drinking, drug abuse and stealing. Other causes can be found in different parenting skills. If a parent is deemed too lenient or alternatively too strict it can have an impact on the way their children will act in different social situations, for instance school.  It has often been noted that if a parent does not maintain balanced approach to parenting, specifically in terms of discipline, the child is more likely to rebel and disregard certain rules and regulations that society upholds to maintain a level of control. 

Furthermore, it is the parent’s responsibility to promote certain social ethics to warn the child from entering and socialising with specific peer groups that run the risk of influencing the individual to demonstrate different levels of indiscipline. Another cause can be stemmed from specific institutions such as school. Like parenting, if a specific level disciple and certain ethics are not promoted then this can cause individuals to rebel against factions of authority later in life.

These specific ethic and social behaviour that must be promoted by representatives of authority and influence in a child’s life must follow a level of accordance with rules that have been developed in society.  This teaching of certain ethics and behaviour are important to the development of a well rounded individual, who in adulthood will live their lives in accordance to the social rules and regulations that have been developed in society to create a safe and respectful environment to live in.

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