Essay On Jal Hi Jeevan Hai In Hindi? How Can We Save Water


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Hindi essay on jal hi jivan hai
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Essay on
jal hi jeevan hai
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If water is present tomorrow is present. Some peoples do not understand the value of water. They wasting the water. Main point of using of excessive of water . It is common in schools houses that water taps open water is wasting . So  water taps tightly close so that water is not pass out.water is very precious to our life all works doing with like in cooking water is use, for drinking is use, in washing of clothes water is use. In every purpose water is use so we can conserve the and carefully use it
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Water is  very essential for our life but in now days some countries have need of water and some states also such as Rajasthan,Gujrat etc. If we do not save water we will not live in future. So we have to conserve water by collecting rain water, by planting more trees so there is more rain, if we see anywhere dropping water so we have to conserve . There are many ways to conserve water so please be careful to.
Class 7th.
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We can conserve water by rain water harvest.We can do a lot to save water.
  "Jal hai to kal hai"
This means if we are careful in using water then we have a better future to live.
We have to close all taps tightly so hat the tap does not leak.
If there is a leakage then summoun a plumber immideately

Now I have given all the points.
Convert it in hindi and expand it.
Abhilasha Pant
Blue Bells Public School
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Water is very essential and   it is very precious also because some states of india and many other countries have shortage of water.every drop is precious.there is a slogan on water "bund bund se pani banta hai."   In future if there would be no water then every one will die its better to save water from now onwards.
                                                                              "save water because it is precious".
Ix e.
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