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The name Aneta is a variant of the name Anita. It means Grace, or full of Grace. It is a female name and has Spanish origins. This name is originally a Spanish pet form of Ana or the Spanish version of Anne.
Anita is a common given name for women. It was originally derived as a hypocoristic form of Ana, the Spanish and Portuguese form of Hannah or Anna, by adding the diminutive suffix -ita.
The name 'Hannah' is derived from the bible. In the old testament Hannah was the mother of the prophet Samuel. Hannah in Hebrew means, one who is full of grace.
It is a popular name in Latin countries. This name became popular in Italy in the 19t century after Anita (Anna Maria) Ribeira, the wife of revolutionary Giuseppe Garibaldi. From here it spread into Germany. It is also popular in the English speaking world and other countries in Europe. In Sweden in 2003, there were 61723 people named Anita.
The name Aneta or Anita is pronounced as \a-ni-ta\ a-NEE-tah. This name was made famous in the 1950s as the name of the Swedish film actress Anita Ekberg. Other famous people with this name include Actress Anita Pallenberg; writers Anita Loos and, Anita Brookner. There is also a Pakistan actress Anita Ayub.
The name Aneta has several variant forms: Aneeta, Anita, Anitia, Anitra, Annida, Annita, Annitra, Annitta, Laanita, Lanita, Nenita, Nita. Annette, Anna, Annie andAnya.
It is also a popular girl's name in India and Pakistan.
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I think it stands for:
Danger, Dynamism, Evil, but at the same time, beauty, care, and sweetness.

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