What Does 'To Have A Frog In One's Throat' Mean?


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Will Martin answered
If you have a frog in your throat it really just means that you have some kind of obstruction there. You know that feeling when you just keep want to cough slightly, but you don't have a cold or sore throat, and you haven't been eating anything that might have caused the obstruction? That is a "frog in your throat." Smokers get it more often, but it really happens to everybody.

As far as I can discover, the saying probably came from the way that, when you get this kind of "mystery" blockage, it feels a little bit as if something is trying to jump out - like a frog! Also, since it is obvious that you are not likely to have a REAL frog in your throat, using this saying lets people know that your coughing fit has no particular cause - you haven't, as far as you know, got an illness or anything like that.

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