Who Is Anita Ghulam Ali?


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A prominent and proverbial name in the educational circles of Pakistan, Anita Ghulam Ali is the Chief Executive of the Sindh Education Foundation. In deserving compatibility with her contributions towards education in Pakistan, Anita Ghulam Ali is indeed a woman of substance, a paragon of integrity. She has also rendered her valuable services in the political arena of Pakistan, serving as the Education Minister for a long period of two and a half years. Later on she became the advisor on education to the governor, seeing the position as a perfect platform to enhance the crass situation of the public sector of education in Pakistan.

Currently she is the Chief Executive of Sindh Educational Foundation, which is working on a number of prolific programs aiming to create public-private and public-community partnerships in order to improve the conditions (on a functional basis) of government schools. This is done with the aegis of resource mobilization within the private sector, NGOs, community-based organizations and philanthropists who are interested in contributing towards the cause of education.

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