Who Is Ghulam Ali Allana?


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Allana was normally spoken as G. Allana was born in Karachi, in the year 1906. He became the mentor for the youth of that time. Starting his political career as General Secretary of the Sind Muslim League, he rose to be the Financial Secretary of the All Pakistan Muslim League, the Mayor of Karachi, and a Member of the West Pakistan Legislative Assembly.

After the establishment of Pakistan, G. Allana founded the Federation of Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Pakistan, of which he continued to be President for many years. For nine years, he was on the Governing Body of the International Labour Organization, and in 1956 he was unanimously elected as President of the International Organization of Employers, Brussels.

He was a writer and poet of eminence, his poetry having been translated into many languages. He was Vice President of United Poets Laureate International which organization designated him as Poet Laureate Anthologist.

G. Allana was a widely travelled person. He was elected in 1962 as Vice President of the Economic Committee of the General Assembly of the United Nations. He was elected Chairman of the United Nations Commission of Human Rights for the year 1975 – 76. he died in the year 1985.
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Ghulam Ali Allana was friend a friend of Pakistan's founder. He was also a biographer of Muhammad Ali Jinnah. He was a great English language Pakistani poet. He was born in Kharachi in 1906 and died in 1985. He has very soft and friendly personality.
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Prof Dr Ghulam Ali alanna is a research scholar, author, and linguist of Sindhi. He has served as Vice chancellor of Sindh University, Jamshoro and Director of Sindh Language Authority, Hyderabad. He wrote many books and research studies of Sindhi like Sindhi boli jo bun bunyad (origin of Sindhi language), Illim Sotiat (phonetics), and Papers on Sindhi Language and Linguistics.

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