What Is The Meaning Of "Noun Phrase"?


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A noun phrase is either a pronoun or any group of words that can be replaced by a pronoun. For example, 'they', 'cars', and 'the cars' are noun phrases, but 'car' is just a noun, as you can see in these sentences (Here the noun phrases are in inverted commas)

Q: Do you like "cars?"
A: Yes, I like "them."

Q: Do you like "the cars over there"?
A: Yes, "they" are nice.

Q: Do you like "the car I bought last week"?
A: Yes, I like "it." (Note: 'It' refers to 'the car', not 'car')

Noun phrases can be infinite in length, but they would sound absurd if they got too long.
Noun phrases are a very simple ideas in themselves, but they can be extremely complex in how they manifest themselves in actual language.

Here are some definitions of a noun phrase:

A group of words used to form a basic name instead of the more usual basic noun, for example, 'lapping and grinding compound'. The noun phrase is used when it is impractical to employ a single noun word as in the foregoing example, or when a single noun would have too broad a concept if used as a basic name, for example, 'machine'; 'board'.

a group of words doing the work of a noun, for example: The Chairman of the Board of Governors.

I hope my answer helps explain your questions. If you need further clarification post another questions and I would be happy to explain.
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