How Do You Spell Massagenous? Somehow Refers To Racial/sexist Offensive Comments?


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There is a word MYSOGYNOUS, (pronounced miss-ODGE-enous) or the more commonly used word is now MISOGYNISTIC (miss-odge-en-IST-ic). Both these words are adjectives and mean showing or feeling a hatred of women (from Greek miso, "I hate" and gyne, "woman." A misogynist is a man who hates women. There isn't an official word for a woman who hates men (apart from the very rare MISANDRY), although some people used to jokingly use a newly coined word "misterogynist"! The condition of hating women is called MISOGYNY. (By the way, if you just hate people in general you are a MISANTHROPE.)

Although strictly speaking misogyny isn't the same as sexism (sexism is more to do with unfair, discriminating action etc, and also it is possible for women to be sexist with regard to men) there is obviously a strong connection between them. An example sentence might be: "she was offended by his misogynistic comments about women."
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These men don't ever seem to be "without a woman"!
It's said: "There's a thin line between love & hate"!
Could it be a power problem, this small little mouthy
creature should not have all this power and freedom
of actions & thoughts, that I don't understand nor know
how to deal with? Some men find the ways of a woman
charming, quirky and cute. They may even love the
mystery of the opposite sex, others; it pisses them off!

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