What Does The National Flag Of Pakistan Represent?


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The national flag of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan is green and white in color. Being the first country, which had emerged on the face of the world map providing a homeland for the Muslims of the subcontinent where they would have no qualms about the deserving prospect of practicing their religion, Pakistan's flag, which would be a symbolic representative of the country, was to contain the true essence of its spirit and succinctly yet meticulously elucidate the profound purpose, due to which Pakistan ultimately came into being.

Paying close attention to all these factors, the flag of Pakistan was finally delineated. The green segment of the flag represents the majority of Pakistan's population, who were Muslims. As for the white part, which has a smaller area on the flag, this reasonably and collectively symbolizes the minorities who are living in Pakistan. The moon is a meaningful emblem of Islam and stands for the assurance of religious harmony and freedom. Whereas the star with five corners signifies each of the five provinces that were part of Pakistan back in 1947. Today East Pakistan isn't part of Pakistan anymore and has instead been made into Bangladesh, which was the fifth province of Pakistan.

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