Where Does The Last Name Carpenter Originate From?


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The last name carpenter originated from Guillaume Charpentier, cousin of Guillaume le Bastard, otherwise known as William the Conquerer. He was also the viscount of Melun, a town in Normandy. Through this title he also had the responsibility of serving as a knight. During the Norman invasion of England in 1066, he was called up to serve. During the battle of Hastings, Guillaume De Melun lost his lance, sword, and horse. In a desperate attempt to survive, Guillaume picked up an Anglo-Saxon battle ax, their primary weapon, and killed many of his enemies.  His fellow soldiers witnessed his ability to strike down his opponents with the ax and gave him the nickname Guillaume Le Charpentier. At this time, a carpenter was a wagon maker, and accordingly, their main tool was an ax. After the conquest of England, he moved his family to England and settled.  Over time and through acculturation, the name evolved from the French  "Charpentier" to Carpenter.
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Carpenter name is of Anglo-Saxon origin and the name is from French word carpentier. Also Visit Carpenter Name Meaning, Origin, History, Nationality.
Top Places of origin for name Carpenter are England and Ireland. You can click on these countries names and a page will be displayed showing you names and detailed records of people with this surname. You might need to create account there to view detailed records. But, names can be viewed freely.
You can also Visit Average Life Expectancy Chart of Carpenter name, which shows Average Life Expectancy of Carpenter for various years.
Also Visit Top Occupations Chart of Carpenter name which is based on up till year 1880's records.
There is a book named The Carpenter name in History which is a unique volume of fascinating facts, statistics and commentary following the Carpenter family name as far back in history as possible.
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It originated from someone who was a carpenter.

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