Where Does The Last Name Cearley Originate From?


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Top places of origin for Cearley are Ireland and Great Britain.
Some interesting information regarding Cearley is:

Life Expectancy:
Average life expactancy of Cearley was 74 years in 2004. Highest recorded life expectancy of Cearley was 81 years in 1995. Lowest recorded life expectancy of Cearley was 25 years in 1955.

Top occupation of Cearley was Farming according to year 1880. Other occupations include House keeping, Minister-Gospel and Miller!
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This name Cearley is from Scottish origin. It is also found as a word from Americanized spelling oh the german word Zierle. This word Zierle is a variant of the word Zier. In Swabia it is from the pet form of Zyr.

The Scottish people used the name Cearley as a name for a worker in brass.

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