What Are The Names Given To People Who Collect Things?


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Mark Westbrook answered
This is always a great quiz question that I see in Pub Quizzes and Television quizzes, I'll do my best to dredge a few out of my memory:

Arctophillist: Someone who loves or collect teddy bears

Bibliophile - a lover or collection of books

Cartophilist - collector of cards

Conchologist - An expert in or collector of shells.

Copoclephile - A collector of key-rings.

Lepidopterist - One of those people who put butterflies in glass cages

Numismatist - Some one who collections bank notes
Oologist - someone who collects birds eggs, always seemed a bit strange this one, get your own eggs!
Phillatelist - Collector of postage stamps.
Phillumenist - someone who obsessively collects matches or match boxes, plain weird

(weirder that we have names for these people!)

I always thought people who collected things were very strange, what's missing in their lives that they want to fill it with something else. Autograph hunters annoy me the most, they seem to want to collect fame as if having a signature would make things better?

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