Who Is Diocletian?


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Gaius Aurelius Valerius Diocletianus, known as Diocletian in English was a Roman Emperor. Diocletian stabilised the Roman Empire, created balance with the military and the political system and controlled aspects of the economy.

Diocletian was low born in the country of Illyria, he rose through the ranks of the Roman Army to become the Commander of the Cavalry arm of the Emperor's Bodyguard. He became close to the Emperor that way.

Although he was wise and an excellent reformer and ruler, he continued the campaign of persecution against the Christians almost without question.

Diocletian decided to retire at the age of 59, after he had become sick and almost died, he is the only Roman Empire to retire. The Emperor Maximillian, asked him to come out of retirement to tend to the Roman Empire of the East, but Diocletian was happy pottering around the garden in his grand palace in Dalmatia.

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