Who Is A Diplomat?


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Adeplomat is some one with ahigh self cofidence and able to represent his or her people in the national asembly.
Adeplomat must be briliant person,confident of him self in whatever he does and talks or intend to do.
(sebunje william atwooki,student of makerere university institute of statistics and applied economics,ademographer)
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The word diplomat refers to an ambassador or an envoy who is appointed to represent his state or country for maintaining foreign relations with other governments. A diplomat is usually known for his people-skills and usage of tact in communicating with people. After all, a diplomat is answerable to his country for safeguarding the integrity, culture and peace. At the same time, a diplomat has to ensure that the trade, cultural and political interest of the other country is not harmed; so he has to exercise assertiveness. A diplomat can also refer to a person who prefers to conduct in such a manner that he or she does not get into arguments or conflicts.

The word comes from the French word "diplomate" which in turn was a variation of the word "diplomatique" in French. Diplomatique referred to a delegation of people in France who were appointed to negotiate with foreign nations and states. Incidentally, diplomat also refers to a game of cards or solitaire which is played with the help of two decks of cards shuffled collectively.

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