What Does It Mean When You Cant Stop Thinking About Someone?


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Its called love. I do it all the time for my ex. :'( she broke up with me, and I can't do anything anymore. Everything I do reminds me of her, and I just want to be back with her even more. :'(
I've never stopped loving her, and I want her to understand that. I want her back, but seeing her love other people is making me go mad. :'( I don't know what to do with my life anymore. :'(
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Yes it is determining love or lust. Love is not weakness but lust is. If it is lust; a intense desire or craving, often with sexual drive. Overmastering desire. If it is love; do you see th eperson in light? Is there light around them when you see them? What stands out? The gaze in his or her eyes? The light tha shines when they smile? What causes your body to chill or pull down in your gut? Is it his/ or her sacrifices? Those are a few things to consider. I hope it helps you.
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It mean you love the person you kept on thinking bout
Mate that means you are in love or maybe more infatuated with this person! Make the first move, you never know it might be "meant to be". And if its not love or lust then maybe you just find that person interesting??!! Good luck.
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Thats call worriers don't need to
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Thinking about someone doesn't mean for sure that you're in love with person. Maybe you can admire him, see him as someone successful someone who is the person that you can't be and  that you've always tried to be. This sort of admiration, I have for popular,confident and outgoing people.  Love is far more than this, it's painful to think about him, first you can't sleep you can't eat you can't do anything without thinking about him. You can fall in love with anyone.  It doesn't mean that you have things in common or you're so different in a way that you complete each other. To my mind, love is a sort of a profound admiration obsession.

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