How Do Superstitions Begin?


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A superstition is basically a belief which usually born of fear and it is contrary to reason and can't be proved by experience. Superstition has existed from the starting of human civilization and all over the world; millions of people still have faith in superstitions and refuse to give them up. So it is very difficult to explain just how superstitions begin. There may be certain occurrences of nature which frighten people, or there may be particular events which they would like to control. Before long they start to believe either in an explanation of why those things happen, or in an idea that by doing certain things, they can make them happen as they wish.

As example some popular superstitions can be given. The moon has an inexplicable quality about it. People started to believe that if someone fixed his eyes on moon for a long time, he would be "moonstruck". The word "lunatic" came from the Latin word Luna, meaning moon.

Ancient people couldn't understand the behavior of animals; they built up superstitions around them. That's why a black cat crossing the path was a sign of bad luck. The hoot of an owl is a sign of death approaching. Because people have so much numbers with them they have to deal, so the superstitions about lucky and unlucky numbers developed.

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