What Are Life Skills?


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Life skills are the skills which are important for living your life successfully and to the fullest. One can broadly categorise life-skills into different discernible avenues like professional life, community life, personal life, leisure time, family life, and spirituality.

In developing personal skills, it is important to be assertive, perseverant, patient and helpful. The only way you can achieve your goals in life is to help others achieve their goals. No one is infallible and hence there is no way he or she will not make mistakes. At the same time, it is very important to learn from mistakes and move on. Life skills are centred on valuing feedback and taking it in the right spirit. Make your goals SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely). Learn to have a sharp foresight, so that you can anticipate problems and take steps to solve them. One can write reams on pages about life skills but all said and done, experience is the best teacher. To have experience, one needs to act. Action precedes motivation especially for those who excel in life-skills.
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Actually, life skills are the skills you need to live independently, and succeed. Many are practical skills, like dressing yourself, paying your bills, arranging to acquire the things you need to live, like food , clothing, and shelter. Cooking or preparing food are life skills. learning how to get someplace, and finding your way home. Normal people take these things for granted, but they are learned skills and people who are 'challenged' in some way, may need help in these areas. Making good decisions is an important one, that we all need to learn. I have worked with intellectually challenged adults and teens, and I have a mental illness that used to keep me confined because of my lack of 'life skills'.
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Life skills include spending time outside as in with personal issues, time on your own and to be successful:)

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