What Does "People Skills" Mean?


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Having good "people skills" simply means that you are good at working with people. A lot of jobs require good "people skills". In fact, often employers mention it when advertising for a position.

These skills are helpful for any job that involves working with people. Some examples are a receptionist, a customer service representative, and a nurse.

People skills often are a topic at company training sessions. After all, most companies make their profit from customers. Therefore, connecting with customers is a top priority. As well, good people skills are required to work well as part of a team.

There are ways to improve your people skills. Practice being a good listener and understanding what people are trying to say when they speak to you. Also, think about what customers want. Do your best to make customers happy. Another way of improving your people skills is simply to smile more!
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"People Skills" means How well you interact with other people,
are you polite, are you attenative, are you cognazant, aware, how
well can you handle situations such as a disgruntled customer,
while keeping your cool. Not everybody has good PS, but they can
be learned. A person brought-up to be polite usually has good PS.
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To be friendly, courteous, patient. If you are on the job and very busy doing a task and a customer came up to you and asked for your assistance. You need to stop and help the customer with what ever they need. Just remember customers comes first. You also need to be kind and considerate to customers and others that you work with also. Try to be cheerful and keep a smile on your face.
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It's what your good at like relationships or teamwork or just talking.
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"People Skills" is a term commonly used in interviewing and relates to those softer skills a person needs or might desire in order to effectively work with people, manage people or perhaps even just to work as part of a team. The term covers many aspects, too many to list and detail here, but the most common are:
- The ability to relate to people, often on their own terms.
- The ability to influence/motivate people.
- The ability to develop people (on the softer skills is typically more valuable!)
- The ability to resolve conflict amongst people.

As I said above there are many other areas, but fundamentally "People Skills" suggests that you are good with people as well as any other technical abilities you may have.

I hope this helps!
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Being able to socialize with other people is called people skills as in talking and replying to what they say.
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It means you are cool

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