What Is Grooming?


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The verb to groom usually means to care for, brush etc, a horse or other animal. (A groom is a person who looks after horses.) In this sense a "well-groomed" person is a tidy, well-presented one; not so much well dressed as with well-cared for hair, nails etc.

You can use grooming as a noun eg "Before an interview you should pay attention to your clothes and grooming."

The word is also used to describe the behaviour of primates, eg chimpanzeees, when they pick and comb objects out of each other's fur.

A more modern use comes from the earlier 20th century expression "to groom (someone) for stardom (or a higher position.)" This meant to prepare someone for a new role, whether physically or by teaching them about the job. In recent years the idea of "grooming" someone for something has acquired very negative connotations, as it is often used to describe the actions of older people building up a relationship of trust with children in order to prey on them.

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