What Is A Facet Arthropathy Bilaterally?


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Facet arthropathy bilaterally can lead to pain within the spine. It is a form of arthropathy that begins in the face; there will be discomfort within the joints leading to them becoming arthritic and thus very uncomfortable and painful. The main focus of the disease is on the facet joints that we have within our bodies; they will all be affected by one another and can cause pain within different parts of our bodies.

It is important to be aware that either slight or chronic back pain can be caused by facet arthropathy bilaterally. If the symptoms are ignored and not taken care of, there are a number of serious problems that could arise and affect your normal posture and movements.

To identify whether you are affected by this condition, you need to evaluate whether you are enduring pain in the lower back on a regular basis, or in one particular area. Other complications as time goes on can include spiral stenosis, which may worsen the numbness and the extent of the pain you feel beyond the coccyx and into your legs. Bear in mind that self diagnosis isn’t always accurate or constructive, and getting in touch with your doctor for an emergency consultation is the best thing to do.

For more information on this condition, visiting services such as and searching for ‘facet arthroparthy bilaterally’ will point you in the right direction to factsheets about treatment, and more detailed information on the warning signs that point to this illness.
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Bilateral facet arthropathy is just a one form of facet arthropathy. It refers to two levels of facet arthropathy. In general, facet joints could start to become arthritic and painful; thus they can be a cause of back pain. Facet arthropathy refers to the pain and discomfort (which could be severe) resulting from degeneration and arthritis seen in this fraction of your spine. It essentially refers to a disease or possibly abnormality of your facet joints.

Symptoms would include low back pain, which you find only gets worse when you try to twist or just extend your lumbar spine. You could experience localized pain. It could lead to growth of spinal stenosis, and this in turn can lead pain, numbness, in addition to weakness experienced in both your buttocks and legs.

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