How To Write Love In Korean?


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Korean is the primary language of both North Korea and South Korea, and is spoken by about 78 million people worldwide. The world 'love' in the Korean script of hangul is written as  사랑 and is pronounced in English as Sarang.

The Korean word for 'Love'

The word 'love' in Korean, but using the traditional English alphabet would be spelled phonetically as Sarang.
If you'd like to say 'I love you' to someone in Korean, then you could use the expression Sarang-hey - which is the least formal way of expressing your love to someone and is often said between couples.

If you want to express love for someone in a formal way, as is commonly done in Korea when addressing elders, you could use the terms:


사랑해요-- saranghaeyo

Because of the great emphasis on respect for your elders that Korean culture encourages, the 'haeyo' suffix is commonly used in Korean to increase the 'politeness' of a phrase or word.

For example, anion is the informal word for 'hello', whilst anion-haseyo is the formal address that you could use for anyone older than you - whether that is a slightly-older schoolmate, or your grandfather!

How to write love in Korean

Korean writing makes use of a script called Hangul, which has an alphabet made up of symbols denoting different sounds.

The characters are written left to right, top to bottom, and letters are written next to one another. So in this instance, to write 'I love you in Korean, you would use the charactersㅅㅏㄹㅏㅇ, which would look like this 사랑 in most Korean writings.

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