What Does An Arrest Warrant Mean?


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You have to turn yourself in and reschedual the court date, when caught before turning yourself in you might have to deal with a worse penalty.
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Mean they have something that they legally use to lock you up.
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To arrest you forcely without doubt
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An arrest warrant is known as a warrant that is issued on behalf of the state, this arrest warrant grants the permission to the required authorities to arrest or detain a certain individual. Normally warrants are issued by the court. However sometimes it can also be issued by other houses of the congress legislatures. It can also be granted by other political entities.

In the United States of America before issuing an Arrest Warrant it has to be supported by a signed and sworn affidavit which shows the probable cause of the exact detail of what the crime was and that the person on whose name the warrant will be issued had actually committed that crime. Sometimes instead of an actual warrant a 'bench warrant' can also be issued.

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