What does Versace symbol mean?


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Though the logo and brand are famous around the world, a lot of people don't know that the Versace symbol is actually taken from Greek mythology, and is based upon the tale of Medusa.

Because it's in black and white, it isn't immediately apparent that the lady's hair in the logo is actually based on the snakes that Medusa had upon her head.

The snakes are notorious in the many classical depictions of her in art and literature, and Carvaggio's painting of her is probably the most famous that still survives - Leonardo da Vinci is thought to have done two paintings based on the Medusa story, but neither has survived the centuries since da Vinci's death.

Legend has it that looking directly at Medusa would turn you into stone. Some people think it represents a kind of nihilistic outlook on the world, turning instead to something like a luxurious clothing line over the search for any objective meaning. 

But Gianni Versace, the founder of the company, never officially gave any reasoning behind choosing Medusa as the symbol, so we may never know exactly why he chose such a dark character from mythology!

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