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There are a few specific names that mean the word shadow. Most of the names meaning shadow come from biblical origins.

  • What names mean shadow: Boys' names
There are three particular male names that mean the word shadow that are attributed to boys. These names include Zalaph, Zalmunna and Cien. As you can tell, these are not the most common names that people tend to have in society. The first two I mentioned come from references in the Bible, whereas the third name, Cien, is a native Polish name.

  • What names mean shadow: Girls' names
In terms of female names that mean shadow, there are notably more than boys' names. For example, the name Chaaya comes from a Hindu origin and translates as shadow. In addition to this, Zillah is another name for shadow and this resonates from the Bible as well as Hawaii and is linked to Hebrew and Hindu. Furthermore, other names meaning shadow consist of Sacacha, which is from the Bible and Sayeh, which is Farsi.

The female equivalent of shadow is Zilla, is probably the most popular of the bunch mentioned above. However, records show that in the early 1990s in the United States, the name Zilla was rather popular for being a last name rather than a first name.

As you have probably noticed, there are not a huge amount of names that mean the word shadow. The ones that do tend to come from biblical references more than anything else. Some parents choose names on the basis of what they mean in Latin terms or religious references. There are a number of online resources as well as baby dictionaries that outline what a person's name means, so consider scouring the internet for what your name could mean.
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Here's a couple I picked up from the dictionary:

shadow (n)

Synonyms: shade, silhouette, outline, dark, darkness, gloom, gloominess, dusk, dimness

Antonym: light

Synonyms: ghost, specter, spirit, wraith, apparition, phantom
Synonyms: constant companion, alter ego, other self, double, doppelgänger
Synonyms: private investigator, private eye, private detective, gumshoe, sleuth, tail, tracker
Synonyms: hint, trace, suggestion, touch, shade, flicker
Synonyms: follower, stalker, tail, tracker, pursuer
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Gender: Male
Origin: English
Meaning: Shade
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1.a shadow has no spiritual or eternal value
2,under the shadow experiences nothing but emptiness and vain exercises of religious duty
3,the shadow was temporary
4,Christ is the reality

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