What Does Miracle Mean?


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The word miracle comes from the Old Latin word miraculum, which plainly means 'something wonderful'. It an outstanding interposition of heavenly involvement by a God in the universe by which the commonplace route and process of Nature is overruled, on the edge, or customized. Even though a lot of religious texts and people verify witnessing or prophesizing a variety of proceedings which they pass on to as 'miraculous', there are no methodically long-established occurrences of miracles.

Now and again the expression miracle may refer to the achievement of a paranormal life form that is not a god. Therefore, the term celestial intervention, by difference, would refer particularly to the straight association of a divinity. In casual practice, "miracle" refers to any statically unlikely but helpful event, or still to something which is regarded as "magnificent" in spite of its probability, such as birth.
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Miracles happened when jesus lived and still do today
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Faith  Fortune
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Miracle means, which can't be done by a normal human. Things which happen with no direct involvement of humans.
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A miracle is something strange which we don't understand or have misinterpreted - or it may simply be a trick.
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Miracle means an unimaginary, illusion like not exactly but seems to be an unimaginary thing
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Beyond a shadow of doubt, Allah, All-Mighty, created the universe, with its heavens and earth, and also all of the worlds, the human world being a part thereof, according to infinitely accurate Divine Systems and Laws, most remarkable of which is the “Cause and Effect” law, which, in turn, determines that things are correlated with one another in existence by the principle of causation, i.e. One thing is the cause while another is the effect thereof. The amazing thing that completes such Miraculous Divine System is that the human mind is based on the same principle of causation, as above-mentioned. In other words, the human mind can not comprehend the occurrence of an incident, whatever it might be, except on the basis of the “Cause and Effect” principle. Moreover, due to His Divine Mercy upon us, Allah, Most Gracious, made such law of causation in both the System of the universe and in our mind the way that leads us gently and smoothly to know Allah, All-Mighty, Creator and Originator of all things. It has been rightly said, “Footsteps denote walking, and water denotes a stream. So how come that the heaven, with its constellations, and the earth, with its valleys and mountains, do not denote the existence of the All-Wise, the All-Knowing.?!”           Also, due to Allah’s Divine Mercy upon us, the principle of causation gives the universe a kind of stability and paves the way for man to discover cosmic laws and qualities of things and to deal easily with them. Were effects not correlated to causes by the principle of causation, the whole universe would be a mere chaos, and man would get lost and would never be able to make use of his mind. But whosoever believes that causes alone bring forth effects, and therefore, relies only on causes, is a polytheist who associates with Allah other gods. That is why Allah, Most Gracious, bestows His Favor upon those who fell easy prey to covert polytheism and teaches them by making ineffective the causes on which they rely in achieving their purposes; and when such a thing happens, man is greatly surprised by unexpected effects. And whosoever neglects causes and claims to rely on Allah for producing the desirable effects is a disobedient person because he is careless about Allah’s Systems and Laws that govern the whole universe and because he wrongly hopes that Allah will stop such Systems and Laws for his sake.            
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There's plenty of doubt, you just choose to ignore it. There is no God/Yahweh/Allah, there is only random chance and evolution.

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