What Is The Meaning Of The Name Mery?


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This name could have several origins. The most likely answer is that it is a variant or unusual spelling of the very popular girl's name Mary. This derives from the old Hebrew name Miriam, which means "drop of the sea" or "star of the sea." As the name of the mother of Jesus and several other religious figures, it has always had a special appeal to Christians and has a number of other versions, including the Latin Maria and French Marie.

Another possibility is that your name comes from Merle or Meriel (or even Merry.) All these names are variants of the old Celtic name Muriel; this itself comes from the Scottish Gaelic Muireall (pronounced MOR-all) which is based on the Celtic words for "sea" and "bright" - quite similar to "star of the sea." So by coincidence, both these possible original names have very similar meanings, though they come from such different roots.

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