What Is The Difference Between Questionnaire And Schedule?


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A questionnaire is quite different from a schedule; a questionnaire will feature a series of queries which must be answered by a person, whereas a schedule is a listing of events and meetings over a defined period. A questionnaire may also be called a survey, and it is used to collect information about specific subjects. Often, a questionnaire may be used for the following purposes:

Reasons To Use A Questionnaire

• Marketing Campaigns - Commonly, marketing executives will use questionnaires to get valuable feedback from customers or potential clients. By getting answers to questions that pertain to a business concern or market sub-segment, marketing executives can prepare timely and relevant ad campaigns that meet the needs of their target demographic. Sometimes, marketing executives will pay people to fill out questionnaires. At other times, these will be filled out voluntarily, for no compensation.
• Healthcare - In clinics or hospitals, patients seeking healthcare are often asked to fill out questionnaires that outline their medical histories, habits, and needs. These sorts of questionnaires allow medical professionals to achieve accurate diagnoses, and to design courses of treatment that are safe and effective.

Reasons For Using Schedules

• Organization - A schedule can be an essential component of time management; for example, knowing what is happening during a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly period will allow a person to plan ahead and be prepared for every circumstance. Without a schedule, appointments may be forgotten, or important events may be missed.
• Goal Setting - By analysing a schedule, a person can determine whether or not they are moving closer to his or her goals. For example, if a person wants to get fitter, he or she can track their workouts via a schedule, and record results based on the success of their regimen over time.

Questionnaires and schedules are different; each services a unique purposes and an individual function.
1. Questionnaire can be sent via mail but schedule is done only personally2. Questionnaire is cheaper method than schedule (for schedule you have to move everywhere3. Questionnaire can be returned without answering all the questions but, in schedule, enumerator ensures the filling all the questions.4. Questionnaire can be filled  by anyone but schedule is always filled by enumerator.5. Respondent should be literate & co-operative in Questionnaire but schedule can be filled by illiterate.6. Risk of incomplete & wrong information is more in Questionnaire.7. Physical appearance of Questionnaire has to be attractive but not such case is necessary with schedule.8.Success of Questionnaire depends on its design but in case of Schedule it depends on honesty & competency of Enumerator.
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Difference between questionnaire and schedule in tabular form?
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Differences between questionnaire and interview and schedule
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Enumerator gets the questionnaire filled then it is called as schedule and if the questionnaire is mailed to respondent and he himself fills it and returns it back then it is called as questionnaire

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