How To Develop A Questionnaire?


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Questionnaires are an inexpensive way to collect data from a large number of respondents. There are 5 steps in making a questionnaire which are as follows:
1. Define the Objectives of the survey
2. Determine the Sample Group
3. Write the Questionnaire
4. Administer the Questionnaire
5. Interpret the Results of the survey
Questionnaire guidelines
1. The initial questions should be easy to understand, related to study' purpose and engage the attention and interest of respondent.
2. Use proper font so that it should avoid eye strain
3. Include check boxes, circles or lines far enough apart so that the respondent can easily complete the survey.
4. Questions should be numbered particularly in longer surveys, so that the respondents or interviewers won't skip any question.
5. Give a brief summary at the start of the survey.
6. Instructions should be in UPPER CASE, italics or colour so that it can catch the respondent eye.
7. Give or leave plenty of room for open-ended questions without any lines because this could bind the respondent for his comments.
8. Question should have a logical flow from one question to nest.
9. Should not repeat any question.
10. Do not begin with an open-ended question.
11. In questionnaire's, following sandwich theory, initial questions should be screening and relationship questions. Then in the second stage, question should be product specific questions and in third stage, their should be demographic questions.

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