What Are The Qualities Of A Good Report?


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A good report will always feature excellent research that is backed up with references and footnotes. For example, if a report is written about dinosaurs, it should have facts about dinosaurs that can be proved through evidence from textbooks (these reference materials should be written by respected scientists and anthropologists).

A Report Should Have A Point Of View

• Any good report should also have a point of view - the author of the report should write an introduction that explains his or her opinion or viewpoint regarding the topics being discussed.
• An example of a viewpoint in a report would be whether something is good or bad - for example, a report about corporal punishment could be written by someone who is against the practice of this style of punishment.
• Then, the main body of the report would prove the concept of corporal punishment being bad, through statistics, research, and real-life case studies or examples.

The final part of a good report will feature a conclusion that sums up the contents of the report and reiterates the point of view of the report's author. Of course, each style of report, from book reports to science reports to business reports, may all vary widely, with regard to their composition and contents. Teachers, professors, scientists, and executives may also set rules and guidelines for the completion of reports. The rules set out for a report should always be followed to the letter to obtain a good letter grade from the report, or good feedback in a workplace setting.

The best report will feature meticulous research - they will use facts to support a carefully thought out, and very logical, perspective on the subject matter. Good reports will be spell-checked, and they will have no grammatical errors or syntax issues. Often, it is wise to proofread reports several times before passing them in for review.
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Qualities of Good Report is Brief, Clear, Concise, Precise, Accurate and most of all, it must be understandable.

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