What Did KITT Stand For In Knight Rider?


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Knight Rider was an American television series from the Eighties which featured the character of Michael Knight, a reconstructed policemen (formerly called Michael Long) and an amazing sportscar with artificial intelligence named KITT.

KITT stands for the Knight Industries Two Thousand.

The television show which ran from 1982 to 1986 was the launch pad for the career of 'heart-throb' David Hasselhoff.

Each episode was forty-five minutes in length and usually involved Michael and KITT helping someone (usually a woman so Michael could smooch with someone) out of trouble with the bad guys, all under the guise of the slightly shadowy 'Foundation for Law and Government', which had its base in an old house, run by Devon (a mysterious old man) but had a mobile operations centre which could assist in the shape of a large black truck. Various female assistants tuned up KITT and gave Michael someone to flirt with.

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