How To Get My USBC Sanction Card?


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The USBC is the United States Bowling Congress governing American ten pin bowling. It was created by a merger of USA Bowling, the American Bowling Congress, the Women’s International Bowling Congress, and the Young American Bowling Alliance. The USBC is recognized as a national governing body for bowling by the United States Olympic Committee. A USBC sanction card is available by joining the USBC.

The application to apply is available on their website ( On their website, hover your mouse over the "Membership” tab and click on "Join USBC.” The next page will list the different levels of membership. Click on the bowling pin that matches the level you are interested in. Currently there are seven levels: Youth Basic, Youth, Junior Gold, High School, Collegiate, Adult, and Sport. Clicking on one of the levels will bring up information about that level of membership, including the cost and what that level of membership includes.

When you have selected the level of membership you are interested in, press the button that says "Join Now.” This will take you to the form to fill out and register. Membership can also be purchased at some tournaments. It is best to check ahead to make sure you will be able to purchase one and the cost may be higher.

If you are already a member, but need your membership number for an event, you can go to their website and use the Find a Member function. In the upper left hand corner, you will see a drop down menu that says "Find a …” Select "Find a Member” on the pull down menu. This will take you to the Search USBC - Members screen. You can search for yourself by First and Last name to get your membership number.

To get a replacement for a lost card, you can e-mail [email protected]
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You can easily download an application form for a USBC sanction card from their official website ( At their website you can even find provisions for the USBC youth bowling sanction cards. Its website also has news, highlights, rules and regulations and forums where you can chat with fellow bowlers. Most bowling events, in particular the professional ones will require that all players have a USBC sanction card in order to participate.

USBC is the acronym of United States Bowling Congress. It is an American ten point bowling organisation. It was a created as a result of a merger of Women's International Bowling Congress, American Bowling Congress, USA bowling and the Young American Bowling Alliance. Its headquarters is in Wisconsin in the Milwaukee suburb of Greendale.
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My team is bowling in a tournament in six weeks.  Three of the guys bowl in a league together with myself and another bowler who received our sanction cards through another league.  The three guys paid their sanction dues but have not received their cards.  Where can they get their numbers so we can get signed up for the tournament?

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