How Do You List The Nine Planets In Spanish?


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The nine planets in Spanish are:
Earth is La Tierra
Muercry is Mercurio
Mars is Marte
The moon is La luna
Jupiter is Júpiter
Saturn is Saturno
Uranus is Urano
Neptune is Neptuno
Pluto is Plutón
The sun is El sol

Some other astronomical words in Spanish are:

Asteroid Belt is cinturón de asteroides
Stars is Las estrellas
Oort Cloud is El nube de Oort
Phobos is El fobos
Space is El Espacio
Planet is El Planeta
Asteroid is El Asteroide
Milky Way is La Vía Láctea
Halo is El halo
Comet is La Cometa
Telescope is telescopio
Hubble Telescope is el telescopio espacial Hubble
Astronomy is El Astronomia
Space suit is El Traje Espacial
International Space station is La Estación Espacial Internacional
Globe is El globo

Many of the words pertaining to space are almost the same in English and Space and that is because the word have either a greek or latin base.

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