How Do You Spell Itinerary?


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The correct spelling is itinerary. The word can mean a route, a record of a journey or a detailed plan for a journey.    Itinerary usually turns up at this time of year when people are planning their holidays, booking flights and making connections etc. An itinerary, then, includes times, places and dates in chronological order. A travel company would provide you with an itinerary when they book a trip for you.    (The catacombs society, meanwhile, define itinerary  as "a guide to the catacombs for pilgrims in the seventh and eighth centuries.)    Itinerary is closely related to itinerant, from the Latin iter to walk, and as an adjective means travelling from place to place, or as a noun, a traveller, e.g. As in itinerant art teacher, an art teacher who travels around a number of schools teaching art rather than being based in one school on a permanent basis.

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