What Does "Look Before You Leap" Mean?


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Look before you leap is based on the idea that if you leap you don't know what you are leaping into or off of - in to or onto.

Imagine that you are about to make a big decision to do something but you haven't considered the options or possible ramifications, this is not looking before you leap.

For instance, asking someone you've known for a week to marry you might be looking before you leap because you don't know how well you will live together or even if you will get along and be compatible for the rest of your lives. It is like being on a cliffs edge and jumping off without looking what's underneath is where the idea comes from.

It's quite an old fashioned phrase and its certainly the thing someone of my parents generation might say to someone. Nevertheless, it's quite true!
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Then there is the idea of simply "Leap" - and "what would you do if you knew you could not fail?"

It is the idea that we look too long and hard before actually getting into action - analysis paralysis!

Sometimes, we simply need to check that we have certain safety mechanisms in place and then leap into the unknown. Like being on a High Ropes course... We know the safety rope is attached, so we feel the fear and leap anyway.


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