What Is The Meaning Of The Name Menna?


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My name is Menna,and it's an Arabic name,it means a gift from Allah!
Also,there was a Pharaoh called Menna,I study history :D
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The name Menna can be Welsh or Cornish and used as a surname or forename.

I could only find a meaning for the cornish version which is closely linked to Welsh. I'll keep trying to find out for you as I live in Wales.
In cornwall the name derives from Meneth meaning a tall hill or mountain.
It also is linked to place names Menna in St. Dennis and Ladock. Both places were once called Meneth.
I'll ask a welsh speaker about the welsh version of the name and get back to you.
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I know that it is in arabic means a gift from allah and also it is an islamic and arabic name it has no relation with WALES. Sorry for entering in the talk but because my name is Menna.
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Actually it is Welsh! There are 2 origins one IS Egyptian and was originally masculine and spelled Mena, it later spread to the middle east. The other IS WELSH IN EVERY WAY and is thought to be made up by a welsh poet and he used it to describe love,
I know this because I'm welsh and my name is also Menna :)

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